The Greater Fort Worth Region has passed a policy that no team member can participate in more than 2 Team Challenges at the Regional Tournament.

Greater Fort Worth Tournament

February 15, 2020

Northwest High School

 2301 Texan Dr
Justin TX 76247 
Gene Pike Middle School
2200 Texan Dr
Justin TX 76247 

Site Restrictions for Regional Tournament: 

The following items may not be used during a team performance or at the Award Ceremony
WEAPONS (See Below)
Dry Ice
Silly String

 Airborne particulate matter (no confetti or glitter cannons)

Caustic/Flammable Chemicals 
There will be no dimming or turning off of lights by the team, unless otherwise specified by their challenge

Medical Alert: Please do not bring or consume nut products while at the tournament locations. We have several children with severe air borne nut allergies

 Firearms, Weapons, and Violence

 Destination Imagination, Inc. does not endorse or support Team or Instant Challenge solutions that contain gratuitous violence and/or the gratuitous use of any violent weapons. However, in recognition of the fact that themes of war, crime, and the like can be handled by teams in responsible ways, the following guidelines are to be followed:

a. If a team wants to depict a weapon in its Team or Instant Challenge solution, the weapon must be team-created and/or obviously benign.

b. Paintball guns, BB guns, air rifles, and the like are NOT ALLOWED at Destination Imagination tournaments.

c. Your team must be aware that many school buildings used for tournament sites have a “zero tolerance” policy regarding any and all weapons, benign or otherwise. It is your team’s responsibility to find out from the Tournament Director, prior to the tournament, if there are any site-specific restrictions on the use of these items.

CLARIFICATIONS:  Have you checked the final clarifications for your Challenge?  Published clarifications are the final word on the rules of your Challenge.  Click the Yellow Challenge Info button, then the Clarifications Icon


   Stop by for that special hat, flashy thingy, pins and more.  This year we will be able to take credit/debit cards for purchases over $10.  No personal checks accepted.

Awards Ceremony in Northwest HS Gym  7:00 PM,  doors open at 6:30 PM

Feb. 15.


There should be plenty of parking.  Details available by early February 2020.  Please note the "Loading/Unloading" only signs.  DO NOT park or leave unattended vehicles in the fire lanes, the Fire Marshall WILL ticket/tow!!  


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Team Managers Will Receive a Password to Open the Posted Score Page

GFW 2020



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