APPRAISERS are the people who make up the Appraisal Teams  that evaluate the teams’ preparations and solutions that are presented at the tournaments, or who help make that process possible. Appraisers are registered in advance on the Texas DI website.


  • Minimum age is 18

  • Available for training (approximately 3 - 4 hours) 

  • Available to remain with the appraisal team through all Tournament performances (approximately 8 hours) 

  • Work with Challenge Master to reflect a POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING attitude to all children and adults encountered at Tournament


      There are Scoring and Non-Scoring “jobs” on the Appraisal Team. Some of the positions available             are:       



  • PREP AREA: Greet teams, helping to relax the DI team immediately prior to performance, making sure all are present, taking up the Tournament Data forms, checking paperwork and explaining procedures,  guiding team into final area before performance

  • ANNOUNCER: Talks with DI team and introduces them to the appraisers and the audience; may explain the challenge to audience; tells team when to begin; may also serve as timer

  • TIMER: Uses stopwatch to mark any time requirements in the challenge



Using a rubric for scoring, provide a numerical value to specified points on the Appraiser Score Sheet. Consistency is an important asset in this position.


To register as an APPRAISER, go to and click on  REGISTRATION in the green bar, then on APPRAISER. If you registered in the past, use the same user name and password to LOG-ON. If not, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT,  provide the requested information, then SAVE. You will receive an email with a link WHICH YOU MUST USE TO COMPLETE your registration.  Now you can LOG ON with that information.  Follow the directions and answer your preferences, remembering that you are helping with GFW Regional Tournament.

Key Dates

9/1 - Team Challenges released

10/16 - New Team Manager training*

10/19 - Team Manager Training, part 1* 

10/30 - New Team Manager Training (repeat of 10/16)*

11/9 - Team Manager training, part 2*

1/14 - Regional Tournament Registration Deadline

1/19 - T-shirt & Pin Order Deadline

2/5 - Appraiser Training*

2/26 - GFW Regional Tournament