There are TWO places you need to register as a Team Manager.  

ONE will be on the Destination Imagination web site.  This is where your membership will be purchased and your team's exclusive membership will be assigned to you.  If your school district or your school will be purchasing your membership, you will STILL need to register here in order to be able to access all the wonderful resourses available to you and your team.


Number TWO will be to register your TEAM for Regional Tournament.


Serve as a coordinator and mentor for two to six months as a team develops a unique solution to one of seven open-ended Challenges. Observe as they reach past their limits and experience the creative process.  Facilitate team participation through:

  • Obtaining a team number and obtaining Challenge Definitions and related resources by registering as a team manager

  • Registering your Team for the regional tournament

Other Helpful Links for Team Managers

Links listed here are other resources team managers may find useful BUT contain  some information that does NOT apply to the Greater Fort Worth Region.  For example, when viewing registration information, you must select the Greater Fort Worth Region, not that indicated in the link

Key Dates

9/1 - Team Challenges released

10/16 - New Team Manager training*

10/19 - Team Manager Training, part 1* 

10/30 - New Team Manager Training (repeat of 10/16)*

11/9 - Team Manager training, part 2*

1/14 - Regional Tournament Registration Deadline

1/19 - T-shirt & Pin Order Deadline

2/5 - Appraiser Training*

2/26 - GFW Regional Tournament