TOURNAMENT HELPERS are the people who do not receive training prior to the tournament and get an assignment to help where needed from the Volunteer Coordinator.



  • preferred age 18 or over, but may be a mature high school student

  • available on day of tournament, either part-time or full day

  • provide name and contact information to Volunteer Coordinator, preferably in advance

  • whatever help you provide, reflect a POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING attitude to all children and adults encountered at Tournament

Tournament Helpers may be asked to work the check in desk for Instant Challenge  or at the Volunteer Desk. They may be door-keepers (so that a team’s performance is not interrupted), or may direct or escort teams from one area to another. Helpers  monitor teams in holding rooms or in chill-out rooms (Instant Challenge),  provide support in Rising Stars, assist in hospitality, help transport materials/supplies to various sites, or perform any service you negotiate with the Volunteer Coordinator


      To register as a TOURNAMENT HELPER, email your name and cell phone number to Please tell us if you are representing a team (full day commitment) or if             you are volunteering for a half day.

Key Dates

9/1 - Team Challenges released

10/16 - New Team Manager training*

10/19 - Team Manager Training, part 1* 

10/30 - New Team Manager Training (repeat of 10/16)*

11/9 - Team Manager training, part 2*

1/14 - Regional Tournament Registration Deadline

1/19 - T-shirt & Pin Order Deadline

2/5 - Appraiser Training*

2/26 - GFW Regional Tournament