Check  Your Program Documentation To Determine How Many Copies Of These Forms Are Required. 

Note:   Copies CANNOT Be Made at the Tournament Sites

Tournament Data Forms:

Expense Report

All Challenges

Declaration of Independence

GFW Media/Medical Release Forms

Attention Team Managers

The Medical and Media Release Forms MUST be completed and postmarked by the registration deadline in order to receive the rate for that period.  We suggest that as soon as practicable, you download these forms, print them, obtain the information, fill them in, have them signed as required, and mail to:


111 Vintage Dr

Waxahatchie, TX  75165

Remember to retain copies for yourself as they must be in your possession at the Tournament.  Also, please assure that your team/membership number (e.g., 750-xxxxx)

appears on all sheets submitted.

All other forms will be collected at the tournament.

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