Serve as a coordinator and mentor for two to six months as a team develops a unique solution to one of seven open-ended Challenges. Observe as they reach past their limits and experience the creative process.  Facilitate team participation through:

  • Obtaining a team number and obtaining Challenge Definitions and related resources by registering as a team manager

  • Registering your Team for the regional tournament

Fee Schedule for the GFW Tournament

(Paid with Team Registration at at Team Registration) 


Now Through December 18 2019

$65.00 Registration fee!

You must submit the Registration fee,  your Registration form and an authorized
  media and medical form for team members:
Received no later than 12/18/19 in order to receive this discounted rate.

Your team is not considered registered unless all items are received.

December 19  2019  through January 8  2020

Registration Fee Rises to $80.00

January 9 2020 through  January 10 2020

Registration Fee Peaks at $125.00

NO Registrations Accepted after January  10

Note:   Each Team Must Provide an Appraiser who registers  at  AND  attends appraiser training  AND  appraises at the GFW tournament OR GFWDI will assess an additional $50.00 fee .  This fee may be collected at registration at if the team elects to not provide an appraiser

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